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We develop a broad range of products, from thermobaric mixtures/ammunition to aircraft protection systems


Our key solutions envisage innovative usage of thermobaric mixtures, ammunition guidance systems and aircraft protection systems


Our product portfolio includes a large-scale list of ammunition from leading developers


balkannovoteh we provide high quality military goods


We provide high quality military goods


Whether developed by us or just distributed, the goods from our product portfolio meet the highest market standards.

balkannovotoeh we are akcnowldged around the world


We are acknowledged around the globe


Our team is praised for its expertise, efficiency and out-of-the-box thinking. Our dedication to meet our clients’ needs goes beyond regular service. We are always willing to go the extra mile, which is why our clients regard us as a true crowd stand-out.

balkannovotoeh high performance test


Our products are passing high performance tests


Our detail-oriented approach is crucial for gaining high performance results and delivering top-quality products.We are highly committed to providing unique, top-notch solutions that could be game changers in this industry.


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Latest videos

Categories of products that we offer

Aerodynamic guidance kit for bombs

Used to increase effectiveness of conventional aviation bombs combat application against stationary and low-dimension targets

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Aviation bombs type OFAB-250-270, OFAB-100-150 and T-72 with aerodynamic-guidance system

Aircraft defense systems

Used for defense of aircrafts against infrared homing heads

Ammunition from 20mm to 57mm

Ammunition of different caliber

Artillery ammunition from 76mm to 155mm

Ammunition of different caliber for howitzer, gun and tank gun

Artillery system Balkan Novoteh

Unmanned automated howitzer system

Balkan Novoteh defece vehicle system tenk

Active and passive protection of armored and unarmored vehicles

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Drones for reconnaissance and combat operations

Laser-guided artillery ammunition

Guided artillery projectile with laser semiactive self-guidance

Laser system for sight mark forming

Laser system for sight mark forming provides operative combat application of helicopter unguided munitions in dark conditions

Police program ammunition from 26.5 to 60mm

Ammunition of different caliber for usage by police forces

Rocket weapons

Hand rocket weapons of different caliber

Sensing, aiming and observation devices

More modern and progressive devices than image intensifier of any generation, which provide significantly higher detection range and target recognition

Small ammunition caliber from 30mm to 60mm

Grenades of different caliber

Thermobaric mixtures and ammunition Balkan Novoteh

Thermobaric mixtures used in air force, army and navy

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