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We develop a broad range of products, from thermobaric mixtures/ammunition to aircraft protection systems

We are passionate about our work, which is why giving creative solutions is an exciting, everyday challenge for us. A part of our development program includes:

  • Thermobaric mixtures for large caliber ammunition (e.g. 122mm);
  • Complete aircraft protection system:
  • Device for reducing helicopter heat emission (Engine exhaust shields);
  • Active Electronic protection system (Infrared countermeasure station);
  • Infrared flares;
  • Dispensers;
  • Active and passive protection of armored and unarmored vehicles;
  • Aviation bomb T-72 with aerodynamic-guidance system;
  • Drones for reconnaissance and combat operations;
  • RPG-7 grenade with classic and thermobaric charge;
  • Unmanned automated howitzer system.