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About Us

The company BALKAN NOVOTEH Ltd is a private company, founded in 2011 in the Republic of Serbia. We have all permits that are necessary for conducting business on both local and international market, particularly:

  • License of the Ministry of Commerce for foreign trade in arms and military equipment; and
  • License of the Ministry of Defense for development activities - production of weapons and military equipment.

We are very proud of our development team, which includes over 60 PhDs with extensive experience in the military industry. Our experts have different professional qualifications, which allows us to solve technical tasks independently and without support from other companies.

Our team is particularly experienced in the following areas:

  • Electrical Engineering;         
  • Electronic Engineering;        
  • Mechanical Engineering;
  • Chemical Engineering; and
  • Software Engineering.

 We can offer you:

  • Real-time OS development;
  • Identification of the optimal microcontroller architecture; and
  • Software programming (drivers, real-time applications, software, GUI, etc.).

 One of our greatest assets is having a worldwide team of experts, who can get in touch with you very quickly and provide you any clarifications you might need. These experts are also responsible for product placement and can help you choose the best option.

Give us a technical task, and we will prove our competence.