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Our key solutions envisage innovative usage of thermobaric mixtures, ammunition guidance systems and aircraft protection systems

The results of our research are primarily implemented in our own development projects. Certain innovative solutions were used for developing of:

  • Thermobaric mixtures for various types of ammunition and different ammunition calibers, such as: thermobaric hand grenade TG-1; thermobaric grenade to be used by gendarmerie ATG-1; thermobaric mixtures, activated without a booster; and thermobaric ammunition caliber 40x46mm-classic and caliber 40x46mm-extended;
  • Aerodynamic guidance kit for bombs BNB-015IZ (from 50-500kg);
  • Self-developed equipment for testing of Flares at test sites BNT-EQ;
  • Aircraft protection system, including infrared flares (26mm and 50mm).