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Dispensers for ejecting flares from aircrafts and helicopters BNT-C



This flare dispenser is intended for locating and dispensing 26mm and 50mm caliber flares and chaffs. Flare dispensing is conducted by the special programs to create hard jamming situation for missiles with infrared homing heads as “Stinger”, “Igla”, “Igla-1″, R-60М, R-73, “Sidewinder” and other.

Flare dispensing laws are developed for particular aircraft.

Activated flares provide false information about target location for missile approaching to protected aircraft.

The flare dispenser can be applied on all flight stages in manual or automatic (joint with missile warning system) mode and can be installed on any aircraft type.

Technical Data

Techical Data
Flare caliber (mm)
Number of flares in one device
Number of  devices, controlled by one control unit
Readiness time (s)
Power supply
Consumable power (W)
26 and 50
20 of 26mm; 10 of 50mm
+27V DC
not more than 250


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