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Engine exhaust shields - The device to reduce helicopter heat emitting BNT-EES



Engine exhaust shields decrease infrared visibility of helicopter and intended for their passive protection against guided missiles equipped with infrared homing heads of many types.

Engine exhaust shields are installed on helicopter’s engine nozzles and decrease infrared visibility due to unique design with use of special heat screens, ejecting devices, few heat removal circuits and forming determined and directed ejecting flow of exhaust. Their installation increases helicopter survivability and decreases effectiveness of guided missiles equipped with infrared homing heads.

Our engine exhaust shields were designed for installation on helicopters Mi-24, Mi-8, Mi-17 of all types, but based on this design we can develop similar device to be used on aircraft of any defined type according to customer need.

Technical Data

Techical Data
infrared visibility decrease (%)
Engine power decrease (%)
Mass of  set of 2 units (kg)
Decrease of range required by guided IR missiles to target helicopter (%)
Aerodynamic drag
not less than 1100
not more than 3
not more than 110
similar to standard


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