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Infrared countermeasure station BNT-B



Infrared countermeasure station BNT-B is intended for active protection of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) against guided missiles equipped with infrared homing heads. The station is capable to suppress infrared homing heads with amplitude-phase modulation (APM), frequency-phase modulation (FPM) and pulse-length modulation (PLM). This allows full lock-on failure for such guided missiles, as “Stinger”, “Igla”, “Igla-1″, R-60М, R-73, “Sidewinder” and other.

The station provides the withdrawal of guided missiles from the flight trajectory to the purpose with subsequent derangement of accompaniment, due to gradually increasing error of aiming in the contour of missile control. The station does not require information about type and frequency parameters of missile homing head modulation and works without the missile warning system.

The station is designed for installing on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), equipped with piston and turboprop engines.

Technical Data

Techical Data
The likelihood of defeating guidance unit of a Stinger-type missile (%)
Time needed to divert a Stinger-type missile from its course (s)
Spectral range of radiation
Airborne line-operated
Protection zone (deg)
Mass (kg)

0,7 - 0,8

0,5 - 0,8
1,8 - 5,5 mcm
not more than 5


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