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Unmanned automated howitzer system



Unmanned automated howitzer system (MAAS) is designed and engineered in such a way that it does not require a special propulsion vehicle. Its modularity implies the use of any powertrain, whether civilian or military. In addition to the cannon, which is a major component of one such system, MAAS integrates the complete solution of modern artillery tools into one unit. The system is fully modular and integrates as needed. The system is completely independent of external factors and can be combined with other or similar systems. MAAS system itself is a turret with a 155mm (or any other caliber) cannon with 30 projectiles and theirs charges and complete distribution of electrical and mechanical installations and with additional armor (depending on needs).

Technical Data

Techical Data

Cannon caliber

155 mm nominal

Cannon caliber optional

105 mm - 203 mm

Number of projectiles in a batch



up to 76 km (based upon the choice of the cannon itself)


19 - 22 (t)

Firing speed

6 - 12 pcs / min

Full autonomy of charge and firing

Full aiming autonomy with obstacle detection and terrain configuration

Fully electric system without hydraulics and pneumatics and fuel


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