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Laser system for sight mark forming «ADROS» FPM-01KV



Laser system for sight mark forming «Adros» FPM-01KV provides operative combat application of helicopter unguided munitions in dark conditions. It forms sight mark directly on the ground target visible through pilot night goggles. Laser system for sight mark forming «Adros» FPM-01KV increases helicopter original sight capabilities and can be used with different aiming and observing systems both independently and as reserve for FLIR systems.

«Adros» FPM-01KV system is designed for installing on Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-24, Mi-35, Mi-2, as well as similar class helicopters.

«Adros» FPM-01KV system passed all official tests. It is adopted by Ukrainian Armed Forces and is exported to other countries.

Technical Data

Techical Data
Laser beam angular velocity (deg/s)
Beam deviation angles (deg)
Beam positioning accuracy (mrad)
Power supply
Readiness time (s)
Weight (kg)
«Adros» FPM-01KV
not less then 20deg/s
± 20º by azumuth, from -30º to +6º by elevation
not worse than 1,5
27V DC, 40W - 36V, 400Hz, 70VA
not more than 3
not more than 5


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