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Thermobaric hand grenade TG-1



TG-1 is designed to defeat enemy manpower in open areas, fortified structures and other structures during defensive and offensive combat, as well as armored and lightly armored vehicles.

TG-1 is an aluminum cylinder with a place for regular fuse installation before use. It is supplied fully assembled with a central explosive charge inside, ready for combat use.

After throwing a grenade and a delay of 3.5-4.2 seconds, a fuse is triggered, initiating an explosive charge. The pressure of the gases generated during the explosion of the explosive charge leads to the destruction of the body of the grenade and the charge itself, scattering particles in the surrounding area. The detonation wave passing through the formed cloud leads to its explosion. The main damaging factors are: the temperature of the explosion cloud, its size and excess pressure in the front of the shock wave.

Technical Data

Techical Data


Weight, gram

up to 550

The mass of the thermobaric mixture, gram


Case diameter, mm


Area of continuous defeat, m2


Total lesion volume, m3


Temperature of a thermobaric cloud, Co

up to 2600

Time for armed readiness, sec.

up to 3


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